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Carte coffee operating out of a tailor and was a staple for specialty coffee that served the community for 2 years before outgrowing it.
Major elements in the design was taken from the original cart such as the cash wrap coffee bar and window. The unique two level floor space was utilized to support many different seating styles. 


The goal with this design was to cover kitchen equipment, make sure all the equipment fits. Clients did all the finishing work. I arranged the kitchen equipment in a way that worked for them and hid it so the customers didn't feel like they were looking directly into an open kitchen while retaining the open kitchen feel. 
Multiple seating options for quick dining option to accommodate for game days and options to make a big table for parties and events. 
I hired a collogue to help design and build a fun instillation in the bathroom. We came up with the concept together and they completed the design of it while I worked on the front counter and bar counter. 


During my Junior year of college I flew out to Telluride, CO and lived on site. I designed and built the cafe counter, signage and logo in just under a month. I navigated complex relationships within the resort and was sensitive to the resort's guest experience in the active work environment. 


Coping cookies operated as a pop-up at farmers markets. They wanted a pastry case that was simple and clean to elevate the decadent cookies that they sell. 
I designed many options for pastry case arrangements in their front counter and supplied them with a material list and sourcing. 
I created a SketchUp model for the fabricator read to build the counter in alignment with the design the client chose. 

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